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Awesome Outdoor Play Inspirations

The warmer days are here, and as the trees are filling with leaves and flowers begin to bloom, we ALL are wanting to spend more time outside.  While in China, we are living on the 24th floor of an apartment building.  We miss our back yard, being able to walk out the front door to play and ride bikes, and enjoy our deck and barbecue.  This collection has me longing for home right now!

There are so many awesome ways to play in your own back yard!
I hope you find some ideas here to help create a fun outdoor play space for your children.

Shared at Suntrap Garden

at Celebrations

at Happy Hooligans

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shared by Darline Elkins on Pinterest

at Life in the Dub Lane

at Little Wonders Days

at Garden Mama

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at Joyful Home

at Kojo Designs

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at Design Sponge

at the Imagination Tree

outdoor playspace trampoline1 Fresh Ideas for Outdoor Play
at Babble

Green Tipi
Shared at Handmade Charlotte

Deck with built-in slide
at House Logic

puppet theater

Une piste de bowling en plein air
at Du Cote De Chez Vous

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at eHow

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at Eilas Photography

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DIY Backyard Sprinkler Park
at Event Horizons

Outdoor Banging Post
at Let the Children Play

Music Wall
at Filth Wizard

at The 36th Avenue

at The Creative Crate

created at: 06/21/2011
Water Wall
at Curbly

Completed Slide with Sprinkler Hose
DIY Slip 'N Slide
from WiredGeekDad at Digital Misery

"Loose Parts" Play Space
at Let the Children Play

Pallet Playhouse
by Punky Padding shared at In Between Laundry

DIY Pony Tire Swing
at Dave's Garden

Kids' Backyard Tire Swing
at Popular Mechanics

Giant Reclaimed Wooden Building Blocks
at Filth Wizard

Painters at Easels
Outdoor Easel
at Arbor Day Foundation

Fairy Garden
Fairy Garden
at Better Homes & Gardens

Enjoy the beautiful days outside!

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