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I Love You Because Bars

I had a great idea to use along with THESE granola bars that I shared earlier this week...

I'm calling them, "I love you because..." Bars.

I took the pile of granola bars I made this week and wrapped them in scrapbook paper.
Then I made little labels for each (by hand, though you could type them up and print them out too).  Each label says "I love you because..."

Since I toss these in my children's backpacks for school snacks, I thought it would be sweet to write something special on them before I do.  So each morning I think of something that I love about each of my children, and write it on the bar for them to find later that day.

This one is for Tate.  She is our little diva!  Clothes, shoes, accessories, fake hair.... yeah, she didn't get that from me.  She is always saying, "Do I look fashable?" or "That is SO fashable!"  Haha... so this one is for her.

And Charlotte... who gives great hugs!

I also thought it would be fun to use "I love you more than..." and each day writing something that you love your child more than on the bar.  Such as chocolate, Disneyland, movie parties... you get the idea.

These would also be fun party favors, class treats (make sure you don't have any nut allergies), and even Valentines!  How about "You make me GRIN-OLA the time!"  haha... ok, that's cheesy.  ;)

Just a fun way to show your kids they are special.

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