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For the Kids Friday #53

Welcome to another great kid-friendly link-up!
I've been in China for more than 7 months now.  I can't believe that much time has already passed!  Right now, the gears are turning in my mind... what is it that I want to put my time and energy into.  I think that this blog and my Sun Scholars program is definitely on the list.  So here I am... sitting in a Starbucks with my laptop... sipping a coffee and working away while my children are at school.

Yes... I'm in China!

There may be some changes to come... but I promise that they will be awesome ones!  I'm just trying to decide what those changes might be... should be.

AND, if you have any suggestions for me, please!  I would LOVE your feedback!

Check out my favorites from last week's party!

If you've been featured below
grab my A++ and brag about it to your friends :)

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Now onto the Party!
For the Kids Friday

1)  I would LOVE for you to first be a follower of my blog.  (And why wouldn't you want to be?!)

2)  Grab my For the Kids Fridays Button and place it somewhere on your blog.  Be sure to link back to me!

3)  Link up as many KID-RELATED activities, games, recipes, parties, gifts, clothing you've created, crafts, traditions, lessons, and so on... that you would like to share.  Please add a different link each week.  They can be old or new... this is just a place to share ideas for our kids to enjoy.  Bonus points to those that serve some educational purpose too!  Link must be to the specific post, and not your general blog page.  Please don't link to your store.

4)  Share the love and comment on at least one other link.  Everyone loves to get feedback.

That's it!  Have fun, and thanks so much for participating!

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