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Flying Dragon Puppet

I realize that not everyone is crafty.  Well, thanks to some awesome blogs out there, like Jellyfish Jelly, even un-crafty parents can create some cool, crafty fun for and with their kids.  Today I am featuring Jellyfish Jelly.  An awesome site that is all about making crafting with your kids simple and fun, and totally cool.  There are so many awesome ideas on this blog... so please do stop by!

Some of my personal favorites over at
Jellyfish Jelly...

1) Mini Party Cups               2) Tropical Island Trifles
3) Ball & Cup Catcher   4) Play Kitchen from Shelves


Warm greetings from Perth, Western Australia! It's such a pleasure to be guest posting here at Sun Scholars. My name is Miya and I am the creator of the children's craft blog: Jellyfishjelly. The project I am featuring today is my 'Flying Dragon Puppet'. You can find this, and many more fun arts and crafts activities, by browsing My Project Gallery.

Flying Dragon Puppet

This dragon has the same basic construction as my ‘Crawling Caterpillar’. Plastic cups and card rolls comprise the main body. By adding puppet strings the dragon can move as it flies. Click here for full instructions (Pdf). The instruction sheet also features a range of dragon head designs (including the ones pictured below) to print and colour.

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