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Frankenstein Snack

I am so excited to be featuring Jill from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons here today!  Have you seen her blog?  I am amazed each and every week at the fun and creative ideas that come out of her kitchen.  I am expecting her to announce a book any day, which I am sure would be a huge success (nudge, nudge).  Stop by her blog and see what fabulous ways she is making meal-time fun!

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Hello, I am Jill from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons, a blog I created with my little boys and we make fun and silly snacks, breakfast, lunches, dinners, and treats mostly for kids. We have goofed off in the kitchen for a long time and thought it would be fun to share our silly kids food ideas with others. I work part time and have a million things going on with my 3 little boys so everything you see will be pretty easy to make. We would love for you to stop by our blog and let us know what you think about all of our fun creations!

We are so excited to be guest posting here on Sun Scholars! This is such a awesome blog and we feel honored that Rachel has asked us to share one of our silly snacks with all of you!

We have been making a lot of sweet treats lately so my 7 year old suggested that we make something healthy to share. I am always trying to find fun and interesting ways to get my kids to eat healthy snacks and making things like this definitely does the trick for us! We came up with this cute Frankenstein apple using 1 green apple, 1 mini marshmallow, 2 square marshmallows, peanut butter, 2 mini chocolate chips, and a hand full of raisins.

We started out cutting a big hand full of raisins in half. You will use these for the hair and mouth. Start with the zig zag edge of the hair and work up from that by pressing the sticky side of the raisin on the top of the apple. Do the same for the stitch mouth.

Cut the mini marshmallow in half and press them on for eyes. Attach mini chocolate chips (or raisins) on the marshmallows with peanut butter for pupils. Press more raisins on for the eyebrows.

Take the 2 square marshmallows and cut Frank's electrodes out with kitchen scissors.

Scoot them on the bottom sides of the apple and then you are done!
We hope that you have fun making this fun Halloween snack. Here are my little boys with their spooky monster creation!

I LOVE it!!!
Stop by Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons and say "HI" from Sun Scholars!

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