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What's in Your Apothecary?

Today I am featuring a great little blog called Uncommon which is shared by Trish and Bonnie.  Their blog is filled with lots of fabulous home and holiday inspired crafts.  It is a great place for ideas!  I have asked them to share one of their favorite blog posts with all of you here at Sun Scholars today.  PLEASE hop on over to their blog and see what other great things they are sharing!

Some of my favorite posts shared at Uncommon...

1) Back-to-School Ice Cream Social
2) Love is a verb... teaching your children about love
3) Decorative Fabric Pumpkins


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Hey Sun Scholar readers!

We are Trish and Bonnie from UNCOMMON and we are thrilled to be here today at Sun Scholars with a guest post!!
Have You Seen These...

How About These...

Bonnie and I were looking back over the past year (now that our lovely, beautiful, sweet children are back in school!) and by far these two projects have had the most interest on our little blog, Uncommon!

It never fails, each week these continue to rank very high in our stats. Of course with the beginning Pinterest , well, let's just say we have been shocked by the numbers!

They were based on a tutorial found at Shanty 2 Chic.  Bonnie and I loved the look of them and knew we had to make them for ourselves. We followed their tutorial, but we did add an extra piece of wood under the glass jars to give it some extra visual weight and stability. Another little extra was spraying each with a semi-gloss poly to give it a very finished look!

These are so cute and offer you LOTS  of decorating flexibility. Our children LOVE to see what we will fill them with next!!
How about you? What would you fill them with?
Hop on over to UNCOMMON and look around, we would love to have you visit and stay for a while! Meanwhile, keep an eye out for what we will be doing with these for the fall!
It's going to be super cute!

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