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Postcard Valentines

This Valentine is my own little creation.  You can do this one with our without a sewing machine, though if you are making a stack of them, you might want to have one on hand.  These could just as easily be hand sewn.  If you aren't a sewer, try using double-sided tape or glue!

Supplies Needed:
-  Card Stock, cut into 3-1/2" x 5" rectangles
-  Wax Paper, cut into 3-1/2" x 5" rectangles
-  Markers or Pens
-  Sewing Machine & Thread... OR Needle & Thread, Double-Sided Tape, or Glue
-  Valentine Stickers (optional)
-  Valentine Candies


1)  Once your cards have been cut, create your postcard.  I drew a line down the middle, separating the address section from the message, and made a stamp using card stock, a heart sticker and markers.  You might also want to add your message on your post cards at this point (so you are not having to write on them after they are full of candies).

We used pink cards for the girls and green cards for the boys.

2)  Next, placing a wax paper rectangle behind your postcard, sew three of the four sides together.  I increased the stitch length on my machine settings for this project.

3)  Fill the pocket you created in Step 2 with a handful of candies.  The less bulky they are, the better.  I found the large (thinner) conversation hearts and regular M&Ms worked nicely.

4)  Sew the forth side, holding the candy inside.  The back of your postcard will look like this:

I liked the wax paper, because it can easily be opened to get to to the goodies inside, and doesn't require scissors to do so.  However, it does make them a bit more fragile.  I also tried this same idea, using a piece of  fabric netting, and got a nice result.  See the postcard on top in the image below.  This, of course, would require some more effort to get into.

And there you have it!  Another fun and unique Valentine idea :)

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