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Party Part 2: Rainbow Cake

My dad had made me an amazing, rainbow cake when I turned 8.
For my daughter's 8th birthday I wanted to do the same.

Here is what I ended up with...

I can't say that I followed any real instructions.
I didn't make any of it from scratch, or use any fancy pastry techniques (I don't think I know any as it is!)
I did find some great instructions HERE...

For my cake, I used the following:
- 3 boxes of White Cake Mix
- 4 containers of White Frosting
- Food Coloring
- Mini M&M's (to decorate)

I like how the instructions from The Idea Room link above suggest using two boxes of cake mix.  As you can see, this cake was HUGE!  I mean, not just huge, but a TOWER!  I had a heck of a time cutting it because it was so tall.  And, of course, each child wanted the complete rainbow.... of course!!


I think that using two cake mixes as opposed to three will get you a much easier cake to manage.  The cake was a huge hit with the kids, and it really wasn't too hard to put together.  The worst part was waiting for each layer to cool enough so I could remove them from the pan without them breaking, so I could quickly throw the next set of layers into the oven.

I also used regular food coloring (but lots of it) to tint the cake batter.  The baked cake color will be very close to the color you get with the batter, so color each layer to your desired intensity.

And.... don't forget to add some candles!

I think all cakes should be this fun!


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