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Heart Felt Pocket Warmer Tutorial

Valentine's Day is drawing near, and many of us are sitting in some pretty cold temperatures this time of year. 

Not long ago I came across these on Etsy (created by WormeWoole)...
Pocket Hand Warmers Fleece VANILLA CREAM Hearts Eco Friendly by WormeWoole

These adorable little fleece hearts are re-usable pocket warmers!
With three kiddos on the go, I thought these would be the perfect thing for our cold morning runs to school.  Pop them in the microwave for 25 seconds, toss them in their pockets, and we're out the door.

So simple to make.... are you ready??

Supplies Needed
- Fleece, I used 4 - 4" x 3.5" pieces for each pair
- Thread
- Rice, about 1/3 cup for each pair
Optional: Pinking Shears, Funnel


1. Cut your hearts!  I made a paper pattern by folding a piece of paper in half and shaping it until I was happy with the result.  My heart pattern was approximately 4" wide and 3.5" tall. Then I cut out all of the hearts I needed from the fleece.  You will need 4 fleece hearts for each pair.

2. Start Sewing!  Match two hearts, back-sides of the fabric together, and stitch around them as you see in the photo above.  Make sure to leave a small opening!  I used a 1/4" seam allowance.

3.  Fill 'er Up!  I found it helpful to use a funnel to add the rice to each pocket warmer.  Fill them with as much rice to get a fairly plump result... but don't go over-board!  The more rice inside, the harder it will be to sew your opening closed!

 4.  Close it Up!  You might want to hand sew here... I don't have time for that sort of thing!  I held things together and ran the fleece through the machine to sew my opening closed.  Here's proof that I'm not perfect ;)  See what I mean about stuffing these full of rice?

5.  Trim Your Edges!  Ok, so this isn't necessary... and if you don't own a pair of pinking shears, skipping this step isn't going to make these any less functional.  I just thought a little edge would dress them up a bit.

.. and Viola!!

How To Use
Pop these in the microwave for 25 seconds, and stick in your pockets for up to an hour of warmth.  Be careful NOT TO OVERHEAT, as these can get very hot.  Test them out before you pass them onto your little ones.  They can be used over and over again.  Just keep dry!

The Downside... they aren't washable... but being so simple and inexpensive, they are easy enough to whip up when you need a new pair.

I made a pair for each of my kiddos...

My daughter says they make nice eye-warmers too.  Perhaps mom can use these when she puts her feet up!

Super simple!  I'm thinking these would make some pretty sweet little Valentines.
What do you think?

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