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EGGed! An Easter Tradition

Are you ready for some Easter-inspired fun?
My kids are LOVING this!  Introducing...

For the last few years my kids have really enjoyed the Halloween Phantom that has made his way through our neighborhood.  You might have had posters on doors last October that said "We've Been Boo'd" or something similar.  If you are unfamiliar with this tradition you can surely find more about it with a simple search online.

  I won't go into explaining that here... but that was my inspiration.
I wanted to come up with a fun way to promote the same kind of excitement leading up to Easter.  And what a better way to do that than with Easter eggs, right?

This Easter, I'm encouraging you and your kids to go EGG your friends!  Let's start a new tradition and enjoy some spring time fun!  
Look at that! You’ve just been EGGed!
But do not be alarmed.
We came, we dropped, we ran away…
Your house, it was not harmed.

So what is this before you now?
Just an early spring surprise.
Be quick and look around your yard…
Twelve EGGs lay in disguise.

A secret friend has just dropped by
To share some spring time cheer.
So now you’re it! It’s now your turn
To EGG a house that’s near.

Select a friend, or two or three…
Gather a dozen EGGs for each.
Be sly and hide them, knock and flee!
Leave this message at arm’s reach.

Hang a poster at your door
And now your task’s complete.
Days ‘til Easter aren’t much more…
Aren’t surprises sweet!

Here's how it works...

 Collect a dozen plastic eggs for each friend you plan to EGG.

Fill the eggs with treats or other small prizes.

  Make copies of the EGGed Poem and Poster HERE.
You will need one copy for each friend.  These are in color, unlike what you see below... so if you have a color printer they will look even nicer.  We rolled the two pages together and tied them with a ribbon.

Plan your "drop".  You want to find a time to hide the eggs in your friend's yard when they aren't out and about, and not likely to catch you!  Be sneaky, quiet and quick!  We thought that dinner-time was the best time to pay our visits.

Hide the eggs around your friend's yard.

Leave then empty egg carton (if you choose) with the Poem and Poster at the door step.
Ring the bell, and run!!

Here we are waiting from afar as Wesley's best friend is discovering the surprise.
The kids were so tickled!

I hope you will start this fun tradition with your kids too!

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