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Scholarly Inspirations

There are so many amazing ideas out there.  I am constantly searching for and collecting my favorites.  My never-ending "to-do" list is becoming even MORE so!  ha ha.. I may never catch up!

One thing I do on my blog is share my "Inspirations".  These are things I have come across, that I LOVE, and find inspire me to get busy.  This collection of inspirations is all about adding some educational fun into your child's day.  How great are these ideas?!!!

I hope you find something fun here that inspires you!!

Looking for some colorful, artsy fun?
by the Filth Wizardry

Here I thought my kids had outgrown their mega blocks!
Who would have thought to use them to teach them to read?!  Awesome!
by the Filth Wizard

I'm sure many of you have some children's games you could add your own special twist to.
What a great idea to incorporate more learning!
at Helping Little Hands

Now this is just TOOO CUTE!
by She Wears Flowers

Make your very own checker board game!
A fun way to practice thinking and problem solving skills.
by Little Miss Momma

Science in the Kitchen...
Easy and CLEAN FUN!
by Housing a Forest

Make Art Projects that Pop!
by Housing a Forest

I can't wait to try this one...
by Housing a Forest

Spring is coming!
A fun project combining science and art.
by Alpha Mom

What mini-collection would your child keep?
Such a fun and cute way to keep their treasures.
at Martha Stewart

A fun and healthy snack for the kids.
Let them help in the kitchen!
by Clutzy Cooking

Learning for the Fridge!
at delicateConstruction

Another fun way to practice math skills!
by A Little Bit of This and That

All of these wonderful "inspirations" get an A++ from Sun Scholars!
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Thanks for sharing your amazing ideas.

Sun Scholars

I hope you have found something fun here!  Enjoy!

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