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Flower Pillows

Ok... how cute are these?!

These Fleece Flower Petal Pillows were created by Laura at Come Together Kids.

The second I saw this I was planning my trip to the fabric store.  Lucky me, Joann's had their fleece at 50% off.  It was meant to be.

I love that she shares instructions for the non-sewer as well.  This could easily be done with scissors and a hot glue gun.  I followed her great instructions for the first pillow I made.  Of course, I gave that away to a special little girl before I could snag a photo of it... but trust me... it looks very similar to those above.

The second pillow I decided to try some changes.

Instead of sewing the two circles of fleece together, I cut an extra 5" strip to sew in-between the two.
This gave a flat (er) top to place the petals.

I left my seams on the outside, and using pinking sheers to finish the edges.

I found a nicer result when I overlapped my petals a bit.
I didn't do this on the first (outer row), but did with the rest.

And the petals are finished!

I loved how Laura used the two shades of yellow for the middle.
Ok... guess one is more orange... but I love the look!

Since I shaped my pillow differently, I had to come up with another way to attach the leaves.

I added hot glue to the bottom corner of each, and glued them to the side.
I liked how they flopped open at the edge, but still looked nice it they were flipped up (as I am holding it).

My finished pillow.

And here it is on Charlotte's bed (top bunk).  She loves it.
Now I need to make a pink one for Tatum.

Thanks Laura for a great tutorial!  Be sure to stop by and check it out!

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