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Big Sister, Big Brother, Little Sister Shirts

Easter is now behind us, and Mother's Day will be here before you know it!
Because my life is getting crazier by the day, I thought I would share one of my favorite projects from a while back.

Aren't they sweet?  Where does the time go?!!

In honor of Mother's Day...
These are the shirts that my daughter and I made for the birth of my youngest daughter, Tatum.

and the back...

Charlotte, my oldest, has loved to draw since she was very young.
For these shirts, I had her draw me a picture (on paper) of her, her brother, and her new baby sister.  She was just about 4 years old at the time... so her drawings were very simple, but so cute.

I then went over her lines with a black Sharpie.
I printed in large, bold print, the words "big sister", "big brother", and "little sister" on another piece of paper.

Then, using a window with some good sun shining through, I placed the drawing underneath the front of the shirt where I wanted it, held it to the light, and traced it onto the shirt.  I did the same for the lettering.

I then went over my traced lines with fabric markers.

They made great shirts for this special day...

 Too bad you can't see the shirts here.  But they were wearing them with pride.  :)

They make a special keepsake as well.
One of my favorites...

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