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One Hat, Many Looks

Does this look familiar?  

If so, then I have the project for you!
I am sure we aren't the only ones with a pile of flower hair clips at our house.  They are so cute, so easy to make, and the girls just LOVE wearing them.

Well, I thought it would be fun to make a hat that you could use all of these cute clips with.
This is what I came up with.
ONE Hat... Many Looks!

The best part is, it took me about 10 minutes to make!

Supplies Needed:
- Black Jersey Knit (you could use an old t-shirt)
- Thread
- Ribbon or Black Elastic (about 1" long, and 1/2 - 1" in width)

I first measured around my daughter's head.  My kids have big heads (ha ha... seriously, though), and I got 21" around.  So I made a pattern like a big oval.  Mine measured 9" across, and about 13" long.  After making it, I think I would have cut the pattern at 10"x13" to give a little more room.  Some fabrics will stretch more than others.  You may need to play around with this.

So create your pattern, then cut two pieces from your fabric as shown here.

Sew about a 1/2" seam around your oval, leaving a whole large enough to turn the hat right-side out.

Turn the hat right-side out, then stitch your opening closed, as shown below.  It doesn't have to be fancy.  This part will be hidden inside the hat, where no one will see it!

Next, tuck the half of the finished oval (the half with your hand-sewn opening) up into the other half of the oval, making your hat.

Take a small piece of ribbon or elastic, and pin it where you would like to affix your flowers to your hat.

Stitch the top and bottom of your elastic/ribbon into place.

Take your flower clips, and clip them onto the loop you've sewn onto your hat.


Want to make your own flower clips?
I have a tutorial for creating these clips HERE, but have more recently been using the directions shared at Skip to My Lou HERE.

And there you have it!!
One Hat... Many Looks!

I plan to give my sis one of these as a baby gift.  She is expecting a little girl this summer.
How cute would this be... a box, with a number of different handmade flower clips!

LOVE it!!!

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