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Summer Program Winners

I have some winners to announce!!

Boy, has this been hard!  I have had to read and re-read all of your notes trying to narrow it down to just four of you.  Not an easy task, and I have to admit, I really feel bad leaving anyone out.  This program is so special to me, and I really want to share it with everyone!
So I first was going to select 3... then thought 4 would be better.  As hard as I tried, I couldn't narrow it down to less than five... ha ha 

So here you have it...
The FIVE winners of the Sun Scholars Summer Program!
in no particular order

#1 Heather Johnson said...

Hi Rachel,
We would love to try the Sun Scholars Program with our children. I know we would be a great fit. 
A little about us. I am the mother to 3 children (our son who is 9, and two girls, ages 6, and 2.5) We also have another little girl on the way.
I am also a professor at Brigham Young University where I teach Family Psychology. I help students understand how to have stronger families and be dedicated parents.
I have fun writing my blog, http://familyvolley.blogspot.com. Where I answer readers questions about parenting, families, marriage, etc. Anything goes. And have an opportunity to share all that I teach and believe in.
With kids at all different ages, our family could offer great insight into the benefits of the program for different ages, and different genders. 

It would be great to highlight our adventures with the Sun Scholars program on Family Volley each week also. I have wonderful faithful readers that are always looking for ways to teach, enlighten and uplift their children's learning. 

I hope we can work together. Thank you for the great opportunity.
Heather Johnson

#2 Mitchell Family said...

I love your blog. We've tried lots of the fun projects you post. My kiddos and I would love to be a part of your summer program. I am a mom of 2 sets of twins: 7 year old (boy & girl)and soon to be 3 year old boys.

My 7 year olds are just finishing 1st grade, are at the top of their class and love to learn, read, craft, play, etc. I have been teaching my little ones at home and they are doing great!!

While I LOVE having my kids home during the summer, I dread the loss of knowledge and skills that comes with it. I plan fun learning activities for the summer but I love the versatility and adaptability of your program.
I try to keep our learning activities FUN, so the kids look forward to them and keep that love of learning. Your program seems like a perfect fit. I love the mix of reading, crafts, math, excercise, and more. You fit it all together so well. And it so easily fits kids of all ages.

I've read the other comments and can't imagine how hard it will be to pick just three. We would love to be one of your pilot families and hope to enjoy this program with you! Thanks for all your fun ideas & projects.

The Mitchell Family

#3 melismama said...

Hi Rachel,

I am so happy you are offering this to the world. We need more like YOU! I think we would be a great family to try it out...As you know we are homeschoolers (Joys of Home Educating) and we school year round. I was looking for something to take us thru our Summer weeks where we are a little lighter on school, but something that incorporated different subjects into 1 topic. This sounds exactly what we are looking for!

If you are familiar with our blog, you know I am always taking pictures, posting sometimes 3 times a day as to what we are doing. I have a 6 1/2 yr old, a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old at home that are all homeschooled. From reading your program it seems that there would be something for everyone tucked in there! What a relief off my plate if we were to get this program...seems you have done all the leg work for us!

I have your button on my side bar since the 1st time I saw your blog...love your crafts! I link back to you also (see blog post from today even...lol)

Either way, if it's God's will it will happen! Peace to your night and YOU ROCK!

#4 d8196d96-434e-11e0-9f48-000bcdca4d7a said...

I would love to be able to use this wonderful Sun Scholar Summer program! I will be taking care of my two school-aged grandchildren this summer as my daughter is finishing her Education courses this summer in preparation for student teaching next fall. And her husband was just deployed to Iraq with a Reserve Unit out of Kansas. My grandson is in third and has been having concentration issues this year(I think having his father gone is a major disruption for him) and this program would bring fun back into learning and give him a jumpstart on next year! And my granddaughter will be entering Kindergarten next fall. Not only giving her a step up from preschool, this program would help the transition by giving her more confidence. I think mastering skills builds that confidence for all children. They have twin one-year-old brother and sister and since I will only have the older two, it will be our time..a big kid, fun summer of reading and learning!
I appreciate just the chance to win!
Thanks, Julie

#5 Emily said...

I would love to be a part of your program, the sample week is awesome. We're going to try it out next week, my kids are going to be trilled. I'm a stay at home mom with a handful of kids that love learning. Their ages are 8, 5,4,2, and a 6 month old, (The two youngest just like to be where the others are.) My oldest is in second grade and wants to know everything. She loves to do homework, unfortunately for her she finishes most of it at school. So she spends her “homework” time teaching my son what she has learned in school that day. My son will be going into kindergarten this fall. He loves to learn and is just soaking up what I or my daughter teaches him. He is reading and loves to do math games, what a blessing my daughter is. My four year old is trying to do what his brother does and be different at the same time. I'm so impressed with my kids but I feel very overwhelmed trying to teach them.

I love your sample week because of all the activities and things for the kids to learn. We have a “School Time” where I sit with the kids and do activities I find from the computer or workbooks from the store. I really like your sample week for the actual lesson plans (what a good idea!) and because it's stuff I have around the house plus the kids will be so excited to do something different. I love my kids and I know they would love your summer program. So Please Pick Me!! Please!

Congratulations to a you all!

And a huge thank you to you all for participating in my first give-away!

If your post is shared above, please contact me via e-mail with your e-mail address so that I know where to send the Summer Program Packet.  I am SO excited to work with you all, and more excited to share in the fun with your kids!


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