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Easter Candy Kabobs

Have you ever made these candy kabobs?  I think they are so cute.  They make a fun favor for parties, great to tuck in Christmas stockings... and I was thinking, Easter couldn't be a better time to make them!  How cute would these be peaking out of an Easter basket?

Or... better yet... how about adding them to this year's Easter egg hunt!

Here are the things I used... not photographed is the hot glue gun, tape, sharpie, and ribbon.

Step 1
Make sure that your skewer is free from slivers.  Some of these sticks splinter a bit, so you don't want to have to worry about pieces of the skewer breaking off into the candy.

Step 2
Start adding your candy and marshmallows.

The marshmallows and gummy candy can be a bit tricky to work with.  I found it was a HUGE help to moisten the wooden skewer before sliding the candies on.  I kept a damp washcloth on hand and would clean the stick off after sliding a few candies on.  Also, if you find the candies (like the gummy worms) are rolling  as you push them down - 1) your stick isn't damp/clean enough, and 2) try twisting it as you pull it down.

Make sure you leave enough room at the bottom for your handle.

A note when adding a chocolate covered marshmallow egg.... my first attempt failed!  My egg cracked and a gross, gooey mess was left on the stick.  The second try, I carefully pierced each side of the egg with the pointy end of a skewer.  I twisted the stick until it made a nice hole in the chocolate.

I then made sure my skewer was clean and damp... and carefully slid the egg on making sure to poke through my pre-made holes.  And SUCCESS!!

Finish adding your goodies.  I added a marshmallow peep on top.  A bunny peep would be cute too!

Step 3
Wrap it up!!  Cut a piece of cellophane large enough to wrap your candy kabob.

Tape the sides closed... then fold the top and tape it down.

Add some ribbon at the bottom (handle) to close.

Step 4
Add a surprise!  I filled an egg with some little goodies... you can add a treat, stickers, a special note, or small toys.

Next, I used a little hot glue to add the egg to the base of the candy kabob.

Add a name if you like :)  And you're done!

A perfect addition to our Easter Egg Hunt this year, I think :)  The kids will love these!


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