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Color Scavenger Hunt

I saw this FABULOUS idea a few weeks back...

Shared at Frugal Family Fun Blog

Wow!  What a great idea (simple and inexpensive) to keep on hand for the summer months.
We had a camping trip coming up, so while I was out stocking up on our supplies for the trip I snagged a handful of paint swatches.

When the kids needed a little something extra that weekend, I set them out on a color scavenger hunt.
No... I didn't do anything fancy like Valerie had with the ring and the cute little punches.  But the great thing about this, is that you don't need to!
I gave each child a paint swatch to match to anything they could locate around our campsite.

They had a ball!

Definitely a keeper!
Thanks Valerie, for such a great idea!

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