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Fancy Flip Flops

Fancy Flip Flops for less than $5!
I just LOVE how these turned out.

My little Tater-Bug turned 4 at the beginning of June. 
She is a fancy little gal, so we had to have a fancy little party for her.

I set up a Fancy Flip Flop Making Station as one of her party activities.  I think all of the girls loved that they were creating their pretty flip flops to wear.

Supplies Needed:
- Flip Flops
- Silk Flowers (I used daisies that easily pulled apart)
- Jewelled Brads
- E6000 Craft Adhesive

1)  Prepare Your Petals
Remove your silk flower from the stem, and discard.  Many silk flowers are not held together with glue, so you should be able to remove the petals from the flower center at this point.  One flower will give you several petals.  Have fun mixing and match different flowers or colors.  Set your petals aside.

2)  Build Your Flowers
I found these awesome little brads at Michael's.  They come in several different colors, and they were perfect for the little ones to use when building their flowers.

Once you have chosen a brad, begin layering your flower petals onto the back of your brad.  Encourage the little ones to layer smallest petals to largest.
Another benefit to these brads, is that you can test out your flowers and easily make changes before committing to your final flower.  When you're happy with it, just bend the back of the brad open to hold your petals in place.

Here I am working with a couple of Tatum's friends at the party.

And here is a friend building her flowers.

Make sure to make a flower for each flip flop!  I won't say, make them matching... because who am I to say anyone should color within the lines! :)  But I will say two flowers are always better than one.

3)  Glue Your Flowers On
Note to self... .hot glue isn't always the best choice.  So yeah, I tried the hot glue.  Only to find that as these girls were running through the house we were losing flowers left and right.  I was SO bummed out!

So, my solution?  I re-glued the flowers onto the flip flops using my new best friend, E6000 adhesive.  Have you used this stuff?  Oh my gosh.... LOVE.  Seriously, in love.  When I glued the flowers to the flip flops, I was sure that the brad itself was sealed between and not poking out where it would scratch little feet.
The verdict.... the flowers are still sticking strong after weeks of wear!

Here are the girls showing off their Fancy Flip Flops.
So cute!

I'm really thinking I need a pair.

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