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Giggle Junction Giveaway

I am SO excited to share this giveaway with you!
A couple months ago I came across these AMAZING Spy Bags sold on Etsy.com made by Giggle Junction.

Love Birds - I Spy Bag   HIPPOPOTAMUS Hide and Seek Sensory - I Spy Bag   WIZARD Hide and Seek Sensory - I Spy Bag
I have seen I-Spy bags, and was wanting to make some myself... but gosh, I wasn't sure I could top these no matter how hard I tried!  I mean, seriously!  These are SO FUN!

Each Spy Bag has a little window where your child can search for little items hidden within the bag.

CUPCAKE Hide and Seek Sensory - I Spy Bag, small window

And, not only are they beautifully appliqued with these cute little images...
but do you see that tag?  

On the other side you'll find this.  A key for all of the items found within the bag.

My son was SOOOOO excited when his Monster Spy Bag came in the mail.
He was on the hunt immediately.

"Hey!  I found one!"
The tag is laminated, so we were able to use a dry erase pen to mark off each item as he found it.

This kid was one happy camper!

Then he got really annoyed with me for taking pictures, and told me to leave him alone so he could hunt in peace.  ha ha... I got a couple more shots over his shoulder.


My three kids (ages 4-8) were all waiting for their turn to play with it.
(Ok... so yeah, my kids were fighting over it... like that never happens at your house!)
  Which means, I've already promised to grab a couple more.  These would be great to keep in the car, for waiting at restaurants or doctor appointments, on plane trips, for party favors...

Did I mention Giggle Junction even sells Spy Bag party packs?!  

The AWESOME part of all of this is that Giggle Junction is going to give one of these adorable Spy Bags to one of my readers!

Want to know how to win your own Spy Bag?

1) Visit Giggle Junction's Etsy Shop HERE or their web shop HERE
2) Comment to this post, and tell me which Spy Bag you like best (1 entry)
3) Share this giveaway on Facebook or Tweet it, and tell me about it in a comment to this post (1 entry for each)
4) Share this giveaway on your blog, and tell me about it in a comment to this post (1 entry)

You have until Tuesday, June 28th!
I will announce the winner on the Wednesday following.  Good Luck!!

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