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Lemonade Stand Learning

It is a hot, summer day, and your children ask if they can set up a lemonade stand in front of the house.
You say "Sure!" thinking it may keep them busy outside while you get some things done around the house.

Did you ever stop to think of what an AMAZING learning opportunity this is for your children?
Don't feel bad.  I'm sure most people haven't.
Therefor, let me share some of the many ways your children can learn through this fun, summer activity.
I've brainstormed a list of ways you can make your child's lemonade stand more than just "something to do" on a hot, sunny day!  If you have any other ideas to add, please share them!!

Check out the amazing lemonade stand my husband and father-in-law built for my kiddos!
They built it.  I painted it.  The kids create signs depending on what they are selling that day.

They even have a great counter space and storage for coolers below to keep their juice out of the heat.

How Lemonade Stands Can Promote Learning

- Children can practice reading and writing skills by creating their own signs and posters.
- Your child can practice reading and writing by creating a shopping list of the items they will need.
- Children can read labels and follow the directions when making lemonade and other items they might sell at their stand.
- Encourage your child to write down ideas for items they could sell or the supplies they will need to gather.
- Have your child create a plan for their business.
- Critique at the end of the day:  What went well?  What did not?  What would they do differently next time?  Would they do it again?  Did they make a profit?  Was it fun?

- Help your child determine prices, and what the costs for each item is.  What is their profit at their chosen price?
- Calculating sale totals and counting money at the end of the day.
- Your child will need to know their coins, their value, how to count money, total a sale, and how to make change.
- Have your child keep track of their time, their sales, inventory, and customers each day.
- Children use math when following recipes!  How many cups of sugar, lemon juice, or water to make a pitcher of lemonade?
- Can your child calculate how many cups of lemonade they must sell to earn a profit for that day?
- How many cups of lemonade will your child be able to sell from each pitcher of lemonade?
- Let your child find ways of decreasing their costs.  What package of cups is the most cost-effective decision?
- Is it less expensive to make lemonade from scratch, to buy pre-made, or concentrate?  What are the price differences?

Social/Life Skills
- Shopping!  Let your child play an active part in making the purchase decisions.
- Interacting with customers is a great way for your child to practice their social skills.
- Preparing Orders/Drinks - following directions!
- Using manners and learning how to provide friendly, quality service.
- Counting Money
- Encourages Teamwork (if working with other children)

Art & Creativity
- Do you have a name?  Have your child come up with a catchy name for their lemonade stand.
- Creating signage.  Let your child create special artwork or posters to promote their stand.
- What makes your lemonade stand different?  What can your child do to make sure their stand is noticed?
- Ask your child what might attract people to their stand?  Do they sell something unique and interesting?
- Perhaps your child has designed or created their own stand, or played a part in doing so.

Business Sense
- Children can determine how to market their stand or their products.
- Determining the best prices and products to sell.   Do you just sell lemonade?  What is "your strategy"?
- What times are the best to sell?  Where is the best location?
- What will people want to buy?
- Have your child consider, "Why would people want to buy my __________?"
- Have your child critique their business when all is said and done.  (refer back to language)

Social Studies
- When would people be most likely to buy your products?  Are there times of the day or days of the week where you are likely to get more patrons?
- What kinds of things would people be most interested in buying where you live?  Are there lots of kids, or more adults?  Do people prefer sweeter drinks, or would cold water be more popular?
- Is your home a place where you would get enough traffic to make it worth while?  If not, is there another place you might be more successful?  Would a mobile stand be possible?

- How hot is it outside?  What will you need to keep your products cool for your customers?
- Does the temperature outside effect your business?  Are there more or less people out in the heat?  Do your sales increase with the temperature?

- What do you need to do to keep your stand a healthy environment?  Do you use gloves? Wash hands? etc.
- Do you have food items that will be unsafe to eat if they are not kept cold? or not cooked well enough?
- What about your child's health?  Do they have something to provide shade on a hot, sunny day?  Are they covered with sunscreen and adequately hydrated if they are out selling on a hot day?
- Do you want to offer healthy food and drink options at your stand?  What might those items be?  What makes them healthy choices?

Here's to Summer Fun and Learning!!

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