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Summer Scholar Sunday #6

Welcome to our last week with our Summer Scholar Families!
Yeah... I know it's not Sunday.  My family was camping this last weekend, so I'm playing catch up now.

And... if you missed it last week, I'm offering a special on the Sun Scholars Summer Program through Sunday, June 19th.  Find the details HERE.  If you like what you see, and would like to learn more about my Sun Scholar Summer Program, click HERE.

Rubber Egg
Subjects:    Science
Time:         5+ mins (with 1 week observation)
Supplies:       Glass Cup or Jar, White Vinegar, Egg

Here is a scientific magic trick for your child to try with very interesting results!

·         Place a raw egg into a tall glass cup.  Have your child pour enough white vinegar into the cup to cover the egg.  You will notice soon after that bubbles are forming on the shell of the egg.
·         Set the egg aside.  After 24 hours, carefully drain the vinegar from the cup, and again pour enough vinegar into the cup to cover the egg.
·         This time, set aside where the egg will not be disturbed for 7 days.  Do not touch it, but allow your child observe what is happening to the shell, or what is left of the shell at this point.
·         After a week, carefully rinse the egg.  Let your child hold it but be very gentle.  What does it look like?  How does it feel?  Where did the shell go?

Want Some Answers?
Find the Rubber Egg Science sheet in the Printables section of this kit for the explanation of what is happening in this experiment.

this is from Week 11 - Hocus Pocus, of the Sun Scholar Summer Program

What have the Summer Scholar Families been up to?


My little ones dropped my camera, so it is in getting repaired, so I'm sorry there are no pictures. I really apologize. We have had such a great time with this program and look forward to the rest of the summer!! Thanks again.

We did the Secret Agent week this week. The kids really enjoyed the math puzzlers. They loved trying them out on their Dad when he got home. They also loved hiding the timer and trying to find it. We played that several times through the week. The I spy books were alot of fun. The secret decoder was also a big hit. We left secret messages all around the house and had fun decoding them. We even did a scavenger hunt with coded messages. The kids all loved earning their secret agent badges. What a fun week!! We have had a great time with this program and LOVE all the activities!!


The kids and I have been so excited to get back into the Sun Scholars program.

This week our kids had two favorite activities. Our daughter loved making the "Alphabet Beach Book", and our son loves science, so his favorite was the "Salt Water Science Fun". 


I am continually amazed at the activities contained in the program. Our kids all like different things, and they are different ages. With this program it doesn't matter, everything works for all of them. 

We are also a testament to how do-able the program is. With a two week old baby, we have still been able to fit the activities in to our lives and make them part of our daily routine, and I am able to help the kids with a baby in my arms. :)

We have also realized how well written the activities are. When I do have my hands full with the new baby, our 9 and 6 year old are able to read the activity cards out loud to me and we can talk about what we need and get things started. They understand the activity descriptions and really enjoy being a part of the planning. 

On top of that, we really haven't left the house since the new baby was born. This program has given us so many things to do with the kids so that they don't get bored or frustrated because we are home bound for a few more weeks. 

Every morning our daughter wakes up and asks, what are we doing with the "Sun" program today!!!

This week we decided to follow the unit called "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie".....I used this unit mostly with my preschooler instead of my 1st grader.  We had a blast.

STORY TIME - I had to find the book at the library (we have every other book in the series except this one..lol)...we read the book, laughed a lot and then discussed it.  We really got into the cause and effect part of the book...if you have a cookie, then you will need a drink of milk and so on.  She loved the illustrations!

COOKIE COUNTING - using the great printables in the program, I printed and cut out 12 of the sugar cookies.  I then put numbers on them from 1- 12. I asked Molly to put them in order for me.  She had little trouble with it.  Then I got out mini-M8M's (program suggested chocolate chips, but we love our M&M's)...I asked her to put the same amount of candies on each cookie as the corresponded with he cookie (ie - on the cookie that had the 6 on it, put 6 M&M's)  This took a while as she counted and placed each on carefully on the cookies.  Then we had fun eating them all up!

MICE TEACHINGS - We read short scholastic mini-book that had to do with mice counting (up to 10) and talking about it. She counted each mouse on each page (it had a cat in it as well, so you know this did not end well for the mice..lol).   We also discussed and looked back at the pictures of the mice skeletons we found in our wall last month! (found a hole behind some molding and inside were two mice skeletons...SO COOL)

MILK MAGIC - on the more exciting experiments we have done in a while!  The Sun Scholar Program provides some great hands on fun learning!  This experiment was NO exception!  Simple and fun for all the ages (2 - 5) of my children.  If you take a plate (plastic or glass, no paper) and pour milk to cover the bottom of it.  Then take 4 diff. color food colorings and place a dot of each close together in the center of the plate. Then take a cotton swab and place an end of that in the center of the plate (so that the food coloring dots surround it but don't touch it) and watch what happens!  Then you take that cotton swap out and place a different one in the middle of the plate but this time have some dish soap in on the swab.  Watch what happens this time....fireworks!  Kids loved this and even had to do it for Daddy when he got home!  

Great unit!  Lots of fun and so many more things we will be trying with this unit!   


Thanks again for letting me take part in the Summer program.  It was really fun, and we're going to keep going on the program.  Here's our last week for you:  This week we did the Beach Party unit.

Go Fish 10: Math -  I enjoyed helping the kids add up the math.  For my older daughter I had her use the cards to add up to twenty.  For my youngest one I had him add to ten, but mostly just put the numbers in the right order.

Ocean Waves – We made this early in the week, and it was a hit with my kids.  I would find them constantly playing with it through the week.

Salt Water Science Fun –   The kids had fun mixing the salt solution for the floating egg and seeing how much salt it took for the egg to float.  We then used the salt water to freeze along with another cup of regular water.

Message in a Bottle – My kids loved this idea. They wrote to their cousins and were excited to put it into the bottle.    We didn't mail it, but were able to get it delivered.

Jell-O Ocean Cups: Life Skills & Math – I love this idea, but we didn't have blue jell-o.  So we made it with pudding and fish crackers.  The kids LOVED to eat this, I enjoyed it too.

Fill the Bucket: Health – We made this a family party, but after filling the buckets we decided to wash the car since we were already wet.  The kids loved this and I'm glad that we got out as washed our car when it was warm enough.

Sun Scholars

Thanks to the Summer Scholar Families for sharing with us this last month!
You are awesome!

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