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Pudding Beach Cups

A super fun, super simple snack to whip up this summer.
We made these while camping last weekend...

Aren't they cute?

My Inspiration...
at My Posh Baby & Kids

Pudding (we used butterscotch)
Graham Cracker Crumbs
Blue Sugar Sprinkles
Paper Umbrella
Teddy Grahams
Fish Shaped Snacks (we used SpongeBob but I tried to find Nemo)
Fruit Roll-ups (for a beach towel)
Gummy Lifesaves (for an inner tube)

... I used the clear, plastic cups shown in the picture, but it was WAY more pudding than any kid would eat for a snack.  I would suggest using smaller bowls/cups, like the custard cups.


1)  Toss a couple of graham crackers in a bag and crush them, if you don't have any graham cracker crumbs on hand.  A ziploc bag, closed tightly, and a child with a couple of hands, works well.

2)  Fill a small cup or bowl with your pudding.
I'd suggest filling it close to the top for a nicer presentation.

3)  Using a spoon, carefully and generously cover part of the pudding surface with the blue, sugar sprinkles.
This will be your water.

4)  Next, carefully spoon your graham cracker crumbs over the remaining surface of pudding.
This is your beach.

You will have this...

5)  Cut a rectangle from the fruit roll-ups to be used a beach towel.
Allow your child to place the umbrella, beach towel, teddy grahams, gummy lifesaver inner tube, and fish on top to their liking.
Looks like a beach party to me!

6)  Last, but not least... ENJOY!

So simple, how could you not love it!
I thought this would make a super cute cupcake topper too, don't you think?

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